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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 18, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PST

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mid-30's to low 40's around the bay shore and the coast. the coast today shows waves getting bigger and temperatures low-to-upper 60's for the bay and inland. >> good morning, everyone, on friday. look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have police activity on the right-hand shoulder and a speeder. take your time. chp is there in earnest. do not speed up too much. san mateo bridge is looking good with eastbound direction headlights headed to hayward and westbound to foster city everyone is at the limit. the golden gate bridge shows everything light from marin county off the waldo and fog free and four lanes southbound. kristen and eric? >> you can get a flu shot today at a public clinic as california officials confirm the first death if the bay area from the flu this season.
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our reporter is live in fremont. there has been a rush to get vaccinated? >> yes, good morning to you. washington hospital in fremont held a clinic yesterday and is holding day two today to meet the high demand of the flu deaths. a 98-year-old woman died from the flu but she had chronic conditions and statewide four have died from the flu outbreak. the centers for disease control report that the vaccine, though, is reducing the risk of having to go to the negotiate for the flu by 60 percent. doctors remind patients who are parents not to forget themselves. a mother we spoke with is being proactive. >> i had an appointment later but i decideed to come early because it takes two weeks to kick in. i want to be ready so we don't get it.
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>> 47 states are experiencing wide-spread flu activity. california is the least active but we have not reached the height of the season. you encouraged to take three actions to fight the flu: get a vaccine. the yearly vaccine is the first and most important step in protecting against the flu. take preventive action to stop the spread of germs and avoid kloss contact with sick people and if you are sick, stay home for at least 24 hours after the fever is gone. the third tip, take flu drugs if the doctor prescribes them. they are not available over over-the-counter. this clinic is from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and flu shots are $10. >> coming up on 5:04. after years of lying, lance armstrong finally confesses. he sat down with oprah and
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admitted to doping after more than a dozen years of denials. >> my cocktail, so to speak, was only a little, not a lot, transfusions and testosterone. all the blame falls on me. >> the admission carries-esque. part two of the interviews airing tonight will be watched by lawyers. katie will have more on the am -- armstrong interview. >> a colorado movie theater has reopened amid controversy. there was a remembrance ceremony for victims and the families. james holmes is accused of killing 12 and wounding 58 inside the theater. several victim families boycotted the re-opening calling it insensitive. >> students in university of california system are relieved
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for now after the board of regents saided there is no tuition hike for the next school year end willing -- ending three days of meeting the governor thanks supporters for getting proposition 30 passed. the new budget plan for california will help the system avoidture -- avoid tuition officers. >> the model of higher education is broken. that is true. going forward, what we do, what design change is feasible, that remains to be seen. >> it is the second straight year of no tuition increase after the system raised fees every year from 2006 to 2011. >> a man is suing a bay area hotel after he was found unconscious suffering from severe carbon monoxide poisoning in november at the embassy suite hotel by the airport. hundreds of guests were evacuated. the leak was traced to a
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malfunctioning boiler. he survived the poisoning but according to the attorney suffered brain injuries and is undergoing rehabilitation now. >> a federal judge is expected to rule on san francisco's ban on public nudity the next two weeks. yesterday, act visits tried to overturn the ordinance. opponents ask the judge to block the law from going into effect february 1 and the city wants the case thrown out. the ban is a matter of public health but nudists say it is a violation of free speech the. >> this is part of the political speech. they are trying to advocate clothing opposital lifestyle. >> there are concerns about the harm people feel when they are exposed to nudity unusually. >> no decision was made the judge said he will issue a written ruling before the end of the month. >> they they are looking for
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volunteers to count the homeless population after relying on volunteers to tally the number of individuals living in cars or on the streets. volunteers must be 18 and required to complete a one hour training session. >> the county of sonoma is going solar. look at the panels which are new and located at one of the main government facilities along highway 12. a ribbon cutting ceremony celebrating the completion of the installation project is scheduled for tomorrow and the project will save the county nearly $1.5 million in energy costs. >> we have suffered through the cold but there is no shortage of solar power. >> it has been sunny. >> most of us were in the 60's yesterday. all of us are in the 60's today. good morning, everyone. because we have this stagnant air that is warming we still
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have the possibility of poor air quality especially in the north bay moving through san francisco and all the way down the peninsula to san mateo bridge. eastbound, south of san mateo bridge and in the santa clara valley you going to have better air quality but we are in this together so everyone has to not burn wood today. here is a look at the jet stream and you can see the moisture creeping up from the south so we could have a few high clouds and the moisture will leave more fog in the overnight hour and warmer temperatures overnight as air with more moisture in it does not cool as quickly as dry air. so it is cold this morning, we are mainly in the 30's and as we head to noon, mid-to-upper 50's and low 60's during the afternoon hours and headed out this friday evening, temperatures in the mid-to-upper 40's and mid-60's to upper 60's saturday, sunday, and low-to-mid 60's with a file hire clouds on sunday. how is the traffic?
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question have an accident north 101 a van caught fire on the right hand shoulder and it is out of lanes, northbound, the reverse commute. from antioch toward pittsburg a good drive and less than 20 minutes moving over to condor, and checking in with bart, all mass transit is off to a great start on "spare the air", so a great alternate for you. kristen and eric? >> it is 5:09. a new warning of gift cards that are convenient to use but so easy to abuse. >> a special night for the president and mrs. obama ahead of monday's inauguration. >> but, first, the america's money report. >> good morning, topping america's money, a couple of big economic reports going in the
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right direction with construction going way up jumping 12 percent in november and people looking if unemployment benefits dropping. the dow jones industrial average hit a five year high during the day ending up 84 points and the s&p 500 closed at the highest since december of 2007. and american airlines gives the jet as if you look with a new logo and design with a new branding. new atm's that crank out $1 and $5 bills. it is part of a move to have machines do more of what tellers used to do.
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cupertino, concord and wine country, this is abc7 news. >> new this morning, disturbing surveillance video from philadelphia showing an attacker throwing a woman on to the subway tracks. police say this attack happened tuesday afternoon. a man began to beat a young woman before dragging her by the ankles and throwing her on to the train tracks below. the woman managed to climb back on the platform as the man walked away with her phone. the suspect was arrested yesterday and the victim suffered over bumps and bruises.
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>> united is trying to raise ticket prices for the second time this year. yesterday united announced they are raising fares up to $10 each way saying this has nothing to do with the grounding of the dreamliner jets. they own six dreamliners. first attempt was january 3 they raised fares $5 but other carriers did not follow suit so they brought their fares back down. >> if you plan to buy a gift card watch out this is warning on fees, and stealing money from the crowds. the sheriff says that gift card fraud is rising, with thieving scanning the bar code and creating a duplicate. when you load the card with money, they use their card or their account to buy merchandise. it has happened three times at safe way. a tip officer 7 on your side, avoid theft by purchasing cards that are sealed in a package and do not have an exposed bar code.
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>> the first of hundreds of lawsuits involving death and injury from sudden acceleration in toyota cars has been settled. the case involved a couple killed when their vehicle slammed into a wall in 201010 by toyota did not talk about the settlement. last month they paid $1 billion to resolve hundreds of lawsuits involving economic losses from owners. >> first lady obama is celebrating her 49th birthday going out to dinner in washington, dc, dining after cafe milano an upscale italian restaurant in judge -- georgetown. this is huge in the fashion world, the first lady's new hair cut, she is wearing bangs! this is a trendy look. she tweeted this photo on her new twitter account.
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abc7's coverage of the inauguration begins monday at 4:00 a.m., with a special "good morning america" and we will stream coverage live from washington, dc, at abc7 at 6:30 morning morning. >> it takes years off her and she is young and youthful looking and the hair cut is so nice on her. sorry, i have to stop, but i feel...great. >> you are up to date. >> banks hold up very well in cold weather. >> mine are holding up really well. straight up. they are frozen. i put water on my hair, when outside, and boom, straight up.
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can you tell it has been a long week? it has been. i hope it has been a good week to you. and now the weekend, by showing you live doppler 7 hd, it is very dry, and hewlet-packard -- and live doppler 7 hd is shopping that by the lack of radar. the newest temperatures are in and we are 27 now in santa rosa so black ice is a possibility. there is fog and visibility down to half a mile. 30 in fair feed and concord. those are the other freezing spots. 41 in antioch and 48 in san francisco and 43 in novato. we have temperatures in the upper 30's and upper 40's from monterey bay at 47. and gilroy flirting with frost at 33. more warming in the afternoon hours. we also still have poor air quality. rough surf of the enjoy the 60's and sunshine at the beaches.
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the next rain may not be until next month. all models are very dry through the beginning of february. today is the 18th. so that is a couple of weeks. napa, four degrees warmer and 63 and redwood city is 64 and san jose is 5 and extra were is 63. livermore, 63. oakland, 65, seven degrees warmer-than-average. and 65 in santa rosa and san jose the warmest weather, fremont, the warmest at 66 and fairfield is coolest at 60. upper 60's in the monterey bay to upper 60's to low 70's inland. tonight there is a a chance of scattered frost and mid-30's to around the low 40s. a sneaker wave tonight through tomorrow morning so watch out
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walking in the water and sentence at 4:00 the strong swells come up to 20'. rip currents develop. we could still have sneaker waves. the seven-day outlook shows warmest weather saturday and sunday mid-to-upper 60's and down to the 50's as it moves north but the system does not bring rain. >> if you are headed to the coast for mavericks, there will be beautiful wet but a lot of folks. southbound 280 an accident in the right lane in west san jose. there is a stall on 580 blocking the off-ramp in livermore. we have a stall in santa rosa, and this is a van that caught on fire and it is now on the shoulder and fire crews are on the scene and the fire should be out but you could fine delay northbound 101 around mendocino
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and in fairfield, westbound 80 at travis a stall blocking the lane of traffic and folks drive up fast on the stall and it could be a dangerous system blocking the right lane and a quick hook at the bay bridge toll plaza this morning and traffic is light headed to san francisco and no delays on the upper deck as you move westbound. kristen ander -- and eric? >> you will not have to worry about the embarrassing body searching anymore at the security screening areas. >> the world series mvp is hospitalized from the giants. >> we are asking on "katie" are we a nation of cheaters starting with lance armstrong and the doping admission, and our tax runs, has cheating become our national pastime? or has it always been this way and now it is harder to find? america's cheating epidemic. we will talk about that today
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>> welcome back on friday morning. new developments in the hostage situation in algeria. cnn reports that the united states air force is evacuating hostages from the b.p. gas complex in algeria where a battle has been going on for two days. algerian officials say special forces killed 18 of the islamic militant kidnappers. six people from the plant have been killed and five americans have reportedly escaped. we got word this morning from the associated press algerian state news says 60 foreign hostages are unaccounted for and
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negotiations have resumed. >> new worries. the battery maker behind boeing 787 dreamliner supplies batteries to nasa. >> a new reason to be less worried of those airport scanners. jane king has the bloomberg business report. >> good morning, the body scanners at the aiport are going away that are too revealing after a $5 million contract with a company that makes them after it could not write software to make the images less revealing. the privacy information called the machines add was as a bad strip. the t.s.a. said they will use sarah palins from another supplier. corporate results from general electric and morgue were stanley with stocks hitting five year highs over housing data and numbers open jobless claims. the flu sweeps the country, and hotels have been changing a routine. the pain says some hotels prepare chicken soup, and others
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are stocking up on hand sanitizing gel. one new york hotel is offering humidifiers and drugstore runs. that is from the new york stock exchange. >> giant third baseman is recovering in venezuela veteran hospital. according to his brother, the panda, world series mvp has been diagnosed with abdominal discomfort. he is playing winter ball in venezuela and will be fine in a few days. we help so. >> warmer this i am sure than it is here. now the forecast the mike? >> warmer there but we are not too bad. good morning, everyone, here is radar across the entire state no matter where you travel you will not have any weather worries. we will look at the temperature, 65 and sunshine at big big sur with the surf getting rough. no new snow in sierra, if tahoe
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lows at 2 do 4 degrees and yosemite will be in the 50's to near 60. >> back to the livermore area west 580 the off ramp is stalled. it is slowing tracy 205 but it picks up over the altamont pass. fairfield, westbound 80, a stall at travis in the right lane. take extra caution. southbound 280, an early accident in the clearing stages and tow truck has arrived to get that out of the lanes and on the shoulder and eastbound dumbarton ridge, road work for another half an hour. jennifer lopez and wahlberg stopped by to visit on jimmy kimmel and he cracked the hoax of the notre dame football girl. >> you have fold the manti te'o
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story in manti te'o is a well-known college football player in a relationship with a woman he met online but it turns out and i may not have the exact details, the woman was bruce willis and he was dead the whole time. something like that. >> catch him live in the new time spot weeknights at 11:35 with "nightline" right after. >> lance armstrong temperatures the truth about his use of performance-enhancing drugs and we will hear some of the interview the. >> and a bay area mother ♪ we were skipping stones and letting go ♪
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>> live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc7 news.
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>> it's friday! enough said. >> stop right there. >> stop me right there. is this anything else with we need to say? >> so glad you are with us to end the week. >> folks may want to hear about the weather and traffic. let's start there. mike? >> it is friday! good morning, everyone. here is live doppler 7 hd on this friday. remember the movie "ground hog" bill murray wakes up to sonny and cher, that is what we have outside. frost inland. mild temperatures to be had this afternoon. but, also, poor air quality in the north around san francisco and down the peninsula to san mateo bridge. all of us, no burning of wood. we will be in the mid-60's on the coast, and mid-to-upper 60's inland. >> i heard that, it's friday. we hope for friday lite. san jose, 280 the accident is
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cleared at antioch, 440 or 45 miles per hour to hillcrest and 242 to concord the speeds pick up nicely at pittsburg. everyone is running on time and it is a "spare the air" day so a great alternate is bart or muni or caltran. >> lance armstrong has made his long awaited confession about doping and bullying critics into silence but not everyone believes he is telling the whole story. abc7 news reporter is live with reaction to the interview with oprah. katie? >> he admitted he is not the most believable man in america but oprah asked lance armstrong if he was doping during the seven tour de france wins and he answered "yes." he said also he did not think lying was wrong. he did not feel bad about it and
5:31 am
he did not thing he was cheating. he called the scheme smart and professional but conservative and risk averse saying he was, it was not the biggest doping operations. he apologized to the people he called liars. one is the wife of his former teammate who said he turned on her for telling the truth of the she says lands land has called and apologized but she is not impressed with the public apology. listen first for armstrong and then her. >> all the fault blames on me. and all the blame. behind that picture and behind that story was momentum. whether it is fans or whether it is the media, it gets going. i lost myself in all of that. >> to admit what he did was a big first step but this is new.
5:32 am
there is a range of emotion. lance armstrong doesn't say he is sorry. lance armstrong isn't used to telling the truth. >> there are legal ramifications here. today was the deadline if the department of justice to join a lawsuit against armstrong. it is believed the department asked for an extension while they trying to decide if it is a good use of taxpayer money. the interview is not over. part two airs tonight on oprah's network. >> katie, thanks. a san jose mother could face charges after admitting to making up a story of a man trying to kidnap her toddler from her arms. abc7 is live at san jose with the stunning details at the police headquarters. >> her story was detailed. terrifying. but the mother is facing chances for making the whole thing up. the father says he is not surprised. >> could not get away fast
5:33 am
enough. >> that was araujo talking how a stranger tried to kidnap her daughter from her amendments in -- her arms on tuesday saying the man spelled like motor oil. there was a seven but in the end miss say it was all a lie. the father who was if a custody battle with araujo over their two daughters say it is the latest in a string of lies. >> all her friends and my family have a opinion and she said she had leukemia but then a friend was a in issue and she came questions. >> the investigators pushed harder but it did not take too long and she confessed to fabricating the story. >> i was angry. she put us through a a lot of anxiety. ought question is, of course, why? a motive is still not known. she is not talking. san jose police plan to file
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charges against araujo for filing a false police report which could mean six months in jail and $1,000 fine. we are like in san jose for abc7 news. >> thank you. the 70-year-old vallejo man who was on death row is being arraigned today for the murder of his 90-year-old mother. he appeared frail and in a wheelchair in the first court appearance calling the police on wednesday and told them he killed his mother two months earlier. in 1966, he was sentenced to the gas chamber for the murders of two teen girls. he also admitted to a string of sex crimes. he was paroled in 1990 and now is the third former death row inmate in california being accused of murder after release. >> the first reported death from the flu outbreak in the bay area, a 98-year-old woman. she suffered from other chronic
5:35 am
conditions, as well. officials say statewide four others have died of the flu so far this year. doctors and pharmacies see a rush to get the vaccine and outlets are stocking up. a vaccine clinic continues in washington hospital in fremont with demand growing although california is the least active states so far this season. pharmacies have ordered more shipments and so far, there have been only a few wide-spread outbreaks at the bay area schools but it could change quickly. the best ways to avoid the flu can be found under tips on our website. >> a fire victim is recovering after being burned in a house fire in hayward last night. crews arrived to find a woman unconscious but still breathing the she was taken to the hospital. arson investigator is trying to find the cause of the fire. >> an oakland boy remains in critical condition after being hit by a car.
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the accident happened after 5:30 near the intersection of 28th and foothill boulevard. the child was taken away by ambulance suffering from a head injury. police are trying to figure if he ran into traffic or was in the crosswalk at time of the accident. >> public school students are getting a lesson to online safety today. 55,000 students will be taught the basics of staying safe online including tack coming issues of bullying and privacy and what to trust online. the district attorney will visit a middle school to see students taking part in the instruction day. >> the natural weather service is issuing a beach hazard for the northern california coast through the weekend. people loan the shore should be careful of sneaker waves that are dangerous. spectators are not allow allowed on the shoreline for the maverick surf contest with two
5:37 am
dozen surfers gathering for the event which has not been held since 2010. that year several were injured when the huge swells hit the spectator areas. it starts sunday morning at 8:00. >> it will be a glorious day. >> visibility should be good. >> there will be a little bit of haze but visibility to watch the surfers if you get that close, or camera shot they will take where you can watch it remotely it will be beautiful. the beach will be inviting but the waves will be dangerous. that is tomorrow for a beach advisory tomorrow and this weekend. overnight, our temperatures will warm. we are a degree warmer in livermore and fairfield and 14 degrees warmer in note oh --
5:38 am
novato and san francisco. we are still freezing in santa rosa and concord and fairfield. everyone else in the mid-to-upper 30's. today, 30's and cold this morning. frost inland. by noon we are in the mid-to-upper 50's and low 60's by 4:00 and mid-to-upper 40's by 7:00. mid-to-upper 60's saturday and sunday. monday could be cooler. low-to-mid 60's. have a great day. sue? >> if you are headed to the coast, half moon bay area you can expect major traffic delays on highway 92 and highway one. westbound 580 there is a hit-and-run accident that has been cleared to the shoulder but you will find slow traffic moving toward the altamont pass from the tracy area and under 25 minutes now for the westbound drive from the altamont pass to the dublin/pleasanton area the river road west of highway 101
5:39 am
four vehicles involved in santa rosa area which is blocked with an accident the southbound 280 beyond 92, a deer, two cars and a dire and a major accident in two lanes there. that is in the san mateo area. >> lots of deer in that area. >> the investigation narrows into what forced the emergency landing of a new boeing 787 dreamliner if japan. what investigators found that could be the culprit. >> a lucky 49er fan is packing and getting ready to go to the weekend game. why it will be
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>> walnut creek, campbell and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> welcome back. the man piloting the tanker that crashed into the bay bridge has the highest rate of accidents among local bar pilots in three years. guy kleess was piloting the "overseas raymar" when it scraped a butcher -- bumper in january. he has had three incidents 2009 and 2011 and two were deemed "pilot error."
5:43 am
no other bar pilot had more than two incidents during that time. >> safety officials and boeing inspectors are in japan to examine the dreamliner that made an emergency landing. the f.a.a. and ntsb and boeing joined the japanese team looking at the battery which is the focus of a world-wide grounding of the fleet. general officials say the casing was so swollen it expanded 1" and was charred. the battery leaked so much it was 10 pounds lighter than normal. all dreamliners in service around the world will undergo detailed inspections. >> actor robert wagner is refusing to talk with los angeles investigators arrest re-opening the case into the death of natalie wood, his wife, who drowned off catalina island on a boating trip which was listed as an accident originally but not the cause of death has
5:44 am
been changed to "undemocraticked." the "los angeles times" reports that the investigators have interviewed 100 witnesses since the investigation was re-opened. they drove to wagner's colorado home to interview him but he refused. >> plenty of excitement for president obama's second inauguration with the former music promotor who called the bay area home. he has attended 7 nominations dating back to nixon in 1972 and seen carter and reagan and president clinton sworn in and was recruited for a second carter ball in 1977 for an overflow crowd. >> they said we need to put together quickly another ball so they used under construction train station and they said what do you want, we don't have money and i said can you fly my mom in and they said yes, so i sat her next to mayor mascone and he danced with her.
5:45 am
that was the highlight. >> he has momentoes of the moments and is leaving tomorrow for the inauguration with his son and will catch every moment from the swearing in to the parade to the evening parties and balls. abc7 coverage of the inauguration begins monday at 4:00 a.m. with a special "good morning america" and we will stream coverage live from washington, dc at starting at 6:30 in the morning. >> i hope the weekend if you compare east coast and west coast weather we will have the warmer temperatures. >> they had the warm temperatures early this week. my mom was doing that thing, what is your temperature, and i heard they had snow flurries in atlanta so i had to ask her what her temperature was. we have the back-and-forth going on. now outside, we have the milder weather across the country today and the weekend.
5:46 am
and mount tamalpais, san francisco and bay bridge they all look grand this morning. live doppler 7 hd shows the next storm will come in from the west but it will wait. we have a lot of dry air and the pattern is locked in through the next couple of weeks. now, temperatures, the dry air is still yielding frost around santa rosa, 27, fairfield and concord, around 30, and mid-to-upper 30's in fremont and los gatos and half moon bay at 37 and the 40's around oakland and novato and san francisco and 43 in santa cruz and gilroy in the mid-to-upper 30's. more warming today, and, again, today is another "spare the air" so try to stay inside. rough surf. no rain possibly next month.
5:47 am
san francisco is 63 today. concord and san jose up a degree, two in oakland, and four degrees warmer in fremont topping at 66 which is the warm spot. most of us in the low-to-mid 60's. warmer weather around monterey bay and inland upper 60's to low 70's. tonight, we will have 20's and 30's inland and scattered forecast there and no frost around the bay shore and to the coast mid-30's to mid-40's and possibility of sneaker waves through saturday morning and the surf is rougher on saturday at 10:00 until sunday at 4:00, and 20' swells and rip currents. in the 60's in the afternoon when the surfing competition begins. next week we will be back in the 50's to near 60 wednesday and
5:48 am
thursday. >> problem westbound 580 a hit-and-run accident with rubberneckers slowing things out of the central valley toward the altamont pass. it picks up and you are looking under 25 minutes to 580 and 680. a serious accident eastbound river road all lanes are blocked with fire crews and emergency crews with four cars involved west of highway 101 in the sap that rose area. 280 southbound beyond 92 a problem with two cars that hit a deer blocking a left lane. it was originally in two lanes but now just one lane affected. always a problem spot in that area so take extra caution in the san mateo hills. the bay bridge shows no problems here just a very minor delay if you pay cash, no metering lights and no problems on the upper deck. san mateo bridge is busy to foster city but a good clip moving from hayward westbound.
5:49 am
>> coming up, the ferry building gets much needed repair and what the port officials are bringing back. >> something to look forward to when you are 75 what researchers say about what can you eat in your golden years.
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>> new damaging information this morning against the notre dame football star claiming to be the victim of a hoax. manti te'o talked of the alleged girlfriend in tv interviews in december as if she was real after he admits he discovered no such person existed. opinions divideed whether the football player masterminded this or if he was duped after she supposedly died the same day his grandmother die. he is not talking. he is training in florida. >> and a lucky man is preparing if the first ever airline trip after getting a call saying he won the 49er road trip sweepstakes and the game in atlanta. he gets to take a friend so i am sure he getting lots of phone
5:53 am
calls, air fare and transportation and tickets on the 49ers. >> the countdown is on, being a faith will is all in the family for this group from san ramon with a to you of candlestick that put them on the scrimmage line. and these pictures were sent in from the proud grandmother. you, too, can send in your photos at and we will post them and show as men as we can. our reporter is in atlanta for the sunday game. we said how cute those kids are, and we do not want to start a sibling rivalry. >> thank you for the pictures. they are great. now a picture of the weather forecast. mike? >> big picture. friday. time to travel.
5:54 am
maybe head throughout california, and the radar is quiet. we will have upper 50's through low 60's in the central value. 47 in eureka and in tahoe there is plenty of snow but it will be groomed, with temperatures in the mid-to-upper 40's and mostly sun and single digits overnight, and if you are headed to los angeles, temperatures well above average, sunshine and near 80 in the afternoon. sue? >> good morning, mike, word from chp they are diverting southbound 280 traffic off at highway 92. we had a serious accident with two vehicles and a deer. obviously they are trying to clear the road. southbound 280 is diverted beyond the 92 toward 101 with detour in place. cupertino, the overcrossing, we have an accident reported. and, also, westbound, 580, an accident on the shoulder slow things from the central valley. kristen and eric? >> thanks. poverty -- port officials are
5:55 am
bringing back the chimes from the ferry building clock tower which has been silent since last summer. the new tower uses g.p.s. to make sure the people hear the bells on the hour. it is tested now and february 23. people will be able to set their watches by it. >> if you wonder when you can quit worrying about your diet and whatever you put in your mouth, we may have the answer this morning. the golden age of...75! researchers say that people over 75 do not have to worry about eating fast food or dessert. people in the mid-to-late 70's who eat high fat or high sugar diet were no more likely to suffer from heart disease or type two diabetes than those on a healthy diet. this you have it. you can plan. >> all right. 5:57. next at 6:00 a.m., protecting yourself against the flu where
5:56 am
you can go in one hour to get a flu shot for $10. >> volatile hostage situation unfolding in algeria and what secretary of defense panetta is saying about the military assault involving americans. >> man with an assault rifle in the middle of a busy department store. we have reaction from the stunned shoppers.
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>> live from the kgo profit center, this is abc7 news. >> at 6:00, flu fears continue to spread across california. a bay area hospital is ready to hold another vaccine clinic to protect people starting in an hour. >> lance armstrong makes a confession. a big confession. this morning, reaction is coming in from all sides. >> scare in the sky for west coast passengers after someone called the f.b.i. and said there is a potential hijacker on board
5:59 am
and that was an alaska airlines flight. >> those stories in a moment but first a look at the weather forecast. >> warming up, mike? >> absolutely. this morning is warmer than yesterday. live doppler 7 hd shows a lot of dry air outside. also, air pollution. another "spare the air" day, the sixth of the season. the poorest air is in the north bay through san francisco to san mateo down the peninsula. south of the bridge to the santa clara valley and east bay you do not have as poor air quality but you are under the burning ban. the bay is 3-- 32 and a nice day to be on outside when it remain whats up. we will be in the mid-50's by noon and upper 50's to low 60's headed through te


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